Daniel Fears


My name is Alfred Daniel fears III. I am 27 years old and currently live in Birmingham, AL. I grew up in a small town an hour south of Atlanta, GA called Jackson. As a child I loved to build stuff. I started out with Legos and inside forts to eventually graduating to tree houses and bunkers with only hand saws and axes.

As I grew older I began to use power tools to refine my workings. I then took on much more intricate pieces. At 16, I started to build my first real piece of furniture, an entertainment center. During the final stages of completion, my life was changed forever.  While cutting the second to last piece on a tablesaw, I severed my index finger completely off to the knuckle with my thumb dangling right there with it. As severe as it might have seemed, I was back at it in not time.  Not wood working but life. Nothing could keep me down. Even while I was bandaged up, I was still working on things.

Fast forward a few years. I received a table from my aunt at my cousin’s estate sale. To this day we don’t know where it came from or what it was used for. One guy even said it was an embalming table which is what I tell everyone it was used for back when. I eventually began to restore it. I sanded all the paint off, stained it and put some polyurethane on it. It yielded beautiful heart pine turned legs with wide planked grooved flooring used for the top. A friend of mine saw it and had to have it for an oyster table but I couldn’t let it go, It was too sentimental. Instead, I built her an oyster table of out reclaimed fence posts and barn rafters. I had no idea this classified the piece as reclaimed. This was my first reclaimed piece and how I got into this sector of the business world.

Since then, I have built many beautiful pieces from antique and reclaimed wood.  Some of the wood dates back to 1780 which is when it was cut, making it much older.  Some wood has Growth rings so tight a magnifying loop has to be used.  I have done work for Zac Brown Band, Ed Roland of Collective Soul, and pro QB of the Oakland Raiders, Matt Flynn. I take much pride in my work and love building new things. I am very reasonable with pricing and always work with my clients. If you find something you want but can’t afford, I am the right person for you. Thanks for visiting my website. And please, feel free to ask any questions.